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The Permanent International Committee of Linguists (Comité International Permanent des Linguists, CIPL) was founded in 1928 during the first International Congress of Linguists, which took place in The Hague.  This was the first time that Linguistics was presented as an autonomous area of study.  The Permanent Committee included leading linguists of the times including Charles Bally, Franz Boas, Otto Jespersen, Daniel Jones and Antoine Meillet.  The Congress is held every five years; the last two have been in Geneva (2013) and Seoul (2008). 

The main organisational partners are the Linguistics Society of Southern Africa  and the University of Cape Town’s Linguistics Section.  We have the full support of the major language societies of the country as well as the three universities in the Cape Town metropole.  Our theme for 2018, The Dynamics of Language is meant to connect with the major ways of studying the phenomenon of language, while being responsive to the diversity of contexts of its use in the early 21st century.           





Comité International Permanent des Linguistes / Permanent International Committee of Linguists

Linguistics Society of Southern Africa

Southern African Applied Linguistics Association

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African Language Association of Southern Africa

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